About Us

About Us

Bitmania is a professional team including leading experts in the world of finance, investment, and IT. A once small commercial organization has transformed into a major platform. We raise capital to invest in promising and well-known companies and promote the rapid development of digital technologies. At the same time, Bitmania offers high income to all cryptocurrency holders.

Our professionals carry out a detailed analysis of the needs of the modern market and each project we are interested in. We are responsible for each action, and therefore you can be 100% confident in your capital safety and profitability when investing with us. We operate in 4 areas at a time to completely neutralize the possible risks and secure the stable operation of the company.

Cryptocurrency trading

Our team can earn on the volatility of cryptocurrency rates. High-precision forecasts of our team of analysts and smart allocation of funds allow us to guarantee a high income.

Arbitrage between exchanges

We buy and sell currency on the most favorable terms, carefully tracking the rate fluctuations on cryptocurrency exchanges. Accurate data and fast deals always allow us to achieve the desired results.

Mobile apps

Apps that secure fast and comfortable processing of cryptocurrency assets are in great demand today. The company gets a guaranteed stable income from investing in the specialized mobile software development.

Cutting-edge blockchain startups

Introducing the technology of the future into various areas of life is a huge field for new developments. We invest funds in promising projects of the leading companies specializing in the blockchain use and development.

Creative team of professionals

We confidently move towards our goal, striving to push the boundaries. Our specialists enjoy a non-standard thinking and practice creative approach to solving any problems.

We expand our knowledge, gain new experience and improve our methods on a regular basis. Our company seeks to create something new and implement our ideas at the same time, thus promoting the development of the popular areas of activity. We make a small contribution to the future of the world of investment by every step.